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We’re a group of professional money planners.

We’re a group of professional money planners.

Why you should trust us? well, its 20 years that we have proven to be trustworthy by our extensive portfolio of successful customers. This is what we do best. We truly are professional money planners.

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We employ the best market analyzers

We employ the best market analyzers

Doing business in the vast market of shares and securities requires knowledge, patient and out of the box thinking to name a few. We only employ the best who are willing to take risks and are confident of their abilities.

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We know how to deal with big ones

We know how to deal with big ones

Dealing with big corporations is always scary and risky. We learnt how to deal with them and keep both our investors and business partners happy. That’s why we love to deal with big ones.

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Learn with the best

What makes a great student? a great teacher. That’s why we developed the best possible tools to teach you how to be great.

Real Time market data

We invested a lot into the up to the second market data and information so you can reply on us.

A global brand to trust

Unique Finance have more than 1800 registered and licensed traders and analysts in more than 30 countries worldwide. 

Money making machine

Despite the fact that trading is not for everyone, we make sure this scary part of the business world is a potential machine to make money for you.

Advanced analysis and calculations

Successful trade needs a state of the art analysis and calculation. Even when you are taking a break from your computer. Our Automated Trading System is exactly that.

Grow your investments

We don’t want you to stop there when there is potential to grow more and gain more. We help you to find the best investment on your capital.

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Trading Courses

Portfolio Management

Ongoing review service

Online Trading Platform

Trading Courses

Providing the right and up to date learning material for new traders is necessary. We’ve put together 20 years of experience into a course taught by London Stock Exchange Group. Click the link below for more information on our courses.

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You may also checkout our 80 series of Stock Trading podcasts here.

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Portfolio Management

The Portfolio Management Service is our most comprehensive service, available exclusively through our financial advisers. It brings the best of what Unique Finance can offer together, drawing upon the wealth of experience from our investment managers and our highly qualified advisers.

Ongoing review service

Our professional and friendly advisers can help you stay on top of your investments and ensure your financial plans remain on track. Many of our clients gain peace of mind by having their financial affairs reviewed annually and being kept up to date with relevant news.

Online Trading Platform

While you can place trades and monitor accounts with our online trading system, We do the market analysis so you can chart the markets and perform stock screens.

Stock Trading Platform


Email Print Friendly Share 圣迭戈, Oct. 23, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Crown Bioscience今天宣布推出一个新的肿瘤类器官药物开发平台,有望显著提高临床前药物研发的预测性和速度。 该平台的初始阶段提供了首个市场有售的三维体外PDX源性类器官(PDXO)模型,由CrownBio超过2500多个人源肿瘤异体移植(PDX)模型组成的独特特征模型库所生成。 PDXO在生物学上相当于具有高度预测性的体内PDX模型,两者都是癌症干细胞驱动疾病模型。PDXO的额外优势是体外系统固有的速度  和可扩展性,极其适合高通量、大规模筛选和同时对多个组合策略进行测试。 这些3D 体外 模型的开发采用源自Clevers实验室的同类最佳Hubrecht类器官技术(HUB)协议,保证了鲁棒性和可靠的可转化性。CrownBio获得了HUB的独家许可,可使用HUB的类器官技术提供临床前肿瘤药物开发和验证服务。 首先推出的PDXO模型涵盖10多种癌症类型。作为平台的第二阶段,HUB患者源性类器官(PDO)将于2020年第一季度通过CrownBio独  家提供。 “在CrownBio,我们率先开发了人源肿瘤移植模型,”CrownBio首席科学官Henry  Li博士表示。“我们的新样本库中包括经完善描述和注释的类器官和相匹配的体内PDX模型,为临床前药物的发现提供了一个前所未有的转化工作流。从 体外 到体内 的真正无缝转化首次成为可能。我们的模型注释还提供自动发现生物标志物的机会,从而提高我们预测病人反应的能力。” 患者相关的PDXO模型的其他优势包括保留其PDX肿瘤母本的基因、形态和病理生理属性。PDXO和PDX也显示相似的药理学特性。 “我们非常高兴地看到HUB类器官技术被成功应用于PDX源性类器官的开发,并由CrownBio提供给整个行业的更大范围使用”,HUB首席  执行Rob Vries博士表示。“这一开创性的系统为访问病人源性 体外 和 体内 模型的丰富样本库提供了渠道,在实际意义上将人数更多的癌症患者人口带入了实验室。” 与常规2D和3D系统相比,HUB器类官作为一种临床前肿瘤学工具,已被证实能通过传代和高质量的分析读数提供稳定一致的生长。类器   官生物样本库的创建还能保证不失去原有属性,以便进行后续研究或重复研究。 关于Crown Bioscience Inc Crown Bioscience是JSR Life  Sciences下属企业,是一家全球性的药物研究和开发服务公司,提供转化平台以推进肿瘤学、炎症和代谢性疾病的研究。凭借广泛的相关模型和预测工具组合,Crown      Bioscience使客户能够提供卓越的临床候选药物。如需获取更多信息,请访问: https://www.crownbio.com https://www.jsrlifesciences.com 关于HUB Hubrecht类器官技术(HUB)是由荷兰皇家科学院和乌得勒支大学医学中心创建的一家组织。HUB利用的是Hans   Clevers教授的开创性研究成果,他发现了从不同疾病患者的组织中培育干细胞衍生人类“迷你器官”(HUB类器官)的方法。这些类器官是HUB生物样本库的一   部分,其特征是基因组测序、表达谱以及对已知和实验药物的敏感性,以建立一个将遗传及转录信息与药物反应性相关联的数据库。HUB  ...
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