Directors Information

Meet The Team
Harry Oliver
Non-Executive Director and Chairman

Harry Oliver is a non-executive Director and chairman of the Group. Mr. Oliver has over 16 years’ experience in global information management, software and e-commerce.

Mr. Oliver spent 11 years at Minde, a provider of global information management and software services. Mr. Oliver retired as the chief financial officer in 2006 but remained on the board for a further three years as an executive director.

Hua Chung
Senior Non-Executive Director and External Director

Hua Chung is a non-executive Director and chairman of the Audit Committee. Mrs. Chung has held similar positions for the past 14 years and has extensive knowledge of her role.

Daniela Hartmann
Non-Executive Director and External Director

Daniela Hartmann is a non-executive Director. Mrs. Hartmann has over 12 years experience in e-commerce technologies and has extensive knowledge in developing and scaling high-growth companies.

Robert Ericksen
Non-Executive Director

Mr. Ericksen was for the last three years managing director and Head of Compliance in DataTech International Plc. He was a consultant to the London Investment Banking Association.

Colleen C. Davis
Managing Director

Mr. Colleen Davis is Managing Director and an Executive Director of Unique Finance. Mr. Davis has nearly 17 years’ experience in business development.

Harley Warren
Chief Financial Officer

Harley Warren is the chief financial officer. Mr. Warren’s responsibilities cover a broad range of finance and business functions. Mr. Warren joined the Group in 2013 and was appointed to the Board on July 2015.