Stock Trading Podcasts

5. Uptrends and Downtrends

On today’s episode, Jerry Robinson explains uptrends, downtrends, and adds why trying to “predict” the direction of a stock is an exercise in futility.

10. Why Trade Stocks?

On today’s podcast, Jerry Robinson provides four reasons why trading stocks can be an excellent part-time or full-time business.

20. What About Penny Stocks?

In this session, Jerry Robinson explains the basics of penny stocks and why all new traders should steer clear of them until they gain some trading experience.

37. Its All About the Entry Price

In this session, Jerry Robinson explains an important stock trading concept: The success of any trade is nearly 100% dependent upon the entry price, not the exit price.

65. The Expansion Stage

The best swing traders spend their time looking for stocks that have just recently moved out of the accumulation stage and into the expansion stage.

67. The Distribution Stage

The third stage of a stock cycle is known as the distribution stage. This is a period of selling by large institutions and other smart money investors and marks the beginning of the decline of the underlying stock price.

73. Develop a Winning Mindset

Olympic athletes know the power of controlling their thoughts. Likewise, successful day traders, swing traders, and position traders believe in their abilities. They believe they will succeed and expect success.

74. Are You Afraid to Trade?

Fear is a destructive emotion that clouds our judgment when trading and its presence is a clear indication that the trader has failed to stick to, and internalize, his trading plan.